What Sets Us Apart

Outstanding Customer Service

  • We value your time and appreciate your trust in us. We have an amazing team that is constantly striving to improve our systems and processes to be accurate, efficient, and compassionate, and to make sure we communicate effectively with you. 
  • We strive to go above and beyond by coordinating care with your dentist and providing sports mouthguards and horn instrument lip protectors at no charge, free WiFi, game rooms, and a tree house for siblings to play in.
  • Your FREE initial consultation that includes digital X-rays and photos, an evaluation by the doctor, and a financial consultation.
  • FREE growth and development checks for children. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends a child’s first evaluation at age seven—a dentist referral is not needed.
  • All age groups welcome. Currently, about 30% of our patients are adults!
  • We love to have parents come to appointments with their children, if possible. It’s a great way for parents to stay updated on their son or daughter’s treatment progress, and ask questions to the doctor. 

Compassionate and Qualified Care Team

  • You will appreciate both Dr. Pickard’s friendly, approachable nature, and his commitment to provide you with an optimal functional result and a smile you are proud to show off to the world. As the only board-certified orthodontic specialist in the area, he is confident that you will not get better care elsewhere.
  • We know you will love Dr. Alatsis, our associate orthodontist, as much as we do. Dr. Alatsis graduated from OHSU’s competitive orthodontic residency program and her knowledge and gentle presence has enhanced and improved our practice more than we can express. 
  • We’re blessed to have a team that is dedicated and willing to go the extra mile for our patients. We genuinely love what we do, and we hope it shows. Our goal is to make your appointments as productive and comfortable as possible, and to get you through the treatment process with results you are satisfied with.

Flexible Financing Options 

Dr. Pickard doesn’t want finances to stand in the way of treatment that would benefit you. Our treatment and financial coordinators do an amazing job working with our patients to make orthodontic treatment affordable.

Giving Back To Our Community

  • Dr. Pickard believes in supporting local activities that promote education and strengthen our community.
  • Dr. Pickard is one of the founders of the popular Readers as Leaders program in the elementary schools in Moscow.
  • Some of the many organizations we support include: Local sports teams, Christmas for Kids, Distinguished Young Women Program, 4-H/FFA, Boy Scouts, Parks and Recreation, Relay for Life, regional theatre groups, fundraising auctions, school boosters, youth and adult sports and clubs, and Community Action Center.

Diamond Invisalign® Provider

An orthodontic specialist is the best choice every time for Invisalign treatment. Invisalign has designated Dr. Pickard as a Top 1% in the World Provider with their prestigious Diamond status. Dr. Pickard spends a lot of time designing and customizing your Invisalign treatment plan. As a specialist, Dr. Pickard has a strong foundation in orthodontic mechanics, and is able to maximize the potential of Invisalign. Your treatment will be closely monitored throughout so adjustments or refinements can be made as needed.

Efficient, Time-Saving Indirect Bonding Process

Unlike most orthodontic offices, we typically do not put on braces one by one. Instead, Dr. Pickard places brackets on your models while you are not even in our office! This means less time spent at our office and a much more comfortable visit.

Advanced Tooth-Movement Techniques

Safe, Chemical-Free 3D and 2D Digital Imaging

  • Digital X-ray imaging is an indispensable diagnostic tool that we use cautiously and responsibly to provide the greatest benefits and quality of care to you. Digital X-rays use a minimal, localized amount of radiation to capture the teeth versus older film-developed X-rays.
  • In comparison, one panoramic digital X-ray uses approximately the same amount of radiation as you would get from being exposed to atmospheric radiation during a two-hour flight to Denver, and a similar dose to standing in front of your microwave to heat a cup of water on high.
  • We use 3D X-ray imaging called Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to evaluate airway/sleep disorders, TMJ/TMD concerns, bone levels of surrounding teeth, and un-erupted and impacted teeth. 

In-House Lab 

It is unique to have an in-house lab at all of our office locations. Our lab guru, Eli, fabricates about 1,500 appliances and retainers per year! The advantages of an in-house lab for our patients include:

  • Quick delivery of appliances and retainers
  • When your braces come off, you leave our office with your retainers, all in one appointment
  • It saves our patients time and money because we do not have to pay a third party to make our appliances, not to mention avoiding shipping costs
  • All our materials and appliances are BPA-free and gluten-free
  • Our 3D scanner and 3D printer have improved the quality and delivery-time of appliances and retainers

TMJ/TMD Problems

  • There are many causes of jaw joint problems. Orthodontia is one treatment modality that often has a very positive effect on TMJ/TMD problems such as jaw pain, jaw popping, and clicking. Improving the fit and function of the bite reduces the stress and strain on the bone and gums that support the teeth and on the jaw joint. 
  • There are many causes of teeth grinding and clenching. Children often grow out of the habit, and some adults stop clenching and grinding after orthodontic treatment just by improving how the teeth work and fit together. For people that continue to clench and grind after orthodontic treatment, a custom full-coverage flat-plane night guard is often very effective. Throughout treatment, Dr. Pickard will monitor your physiological response to treatment to make sure we guide you to solutions that work for you.

Airway Concerns, Sleep Apnea, and Snoring

  • As an added service to our patients and their family members, Dr. Pickard provides a thorough sleep evaluation, pharygometer and rhinometer testing, take-home sleep studies, and diagnostic imaging often identifies airway/sleep disorders.
  • We will help coordinate your care with the appropriate specialists.

Periodontal Concerns

  • Minor laser tissue recontouring treatment as needed to improve function and smile aesthetics
  • Dr. Pickard monitors gum tissue attachment closely throughout treatment, and we coordinate your care with the appropriate specialist(s) to make sure you have a healthy smile at the end of your treatment.

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